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The key in building your online business is consistency: Consistency sticking to the field and uniqueness of the content you intend to deliver to the public. Consistency in keeping up with a realistic schedule for content delivery. The ideal would for example be creating one key message a week to share with your audience. A short article (400-500 words) or recording a short video (2-3 minutes) will do.Building an online business is a process; not an event. It takes time. So when you take time to build your reputation one step at a time, you will be setting yourself apart by thinking of a solid foundation of your business and you would be building a strong reputation that will create real asset of value for a long term successful business.

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Why landing / squeeze pages are so important for online business?

All serious online business owners know, internet business success really depends on essentially two simple factors, traffic and conversions. Just like “blood” is vital for every human body; “traffic” is money for any internet business. That’s why if you want to make sales, you need to get people to your web page through “traffic”; and then once on the page and expecting to find what they are looking for; it is now time to “convert” them into paying customers, or at least into leads that you can follow up with via email.
Always insure your webpage layout has these two key features: drive in traffic then conversion tweaks.


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