Dec 052017

As marketers, we’d like to know if we are getting traffic from social media sites like Facebook or YouTube, and what that traffic is doing. (Materials at In this video, Jason explains how to use Google Analytics, including Advanced Segments, to identify inbound traffic from social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, well as to learn if that traffic is converting (or not). Google Analytics is a powerful free tool and in combination with your social media, you have a powerful way to see what’s happening between your website and your social media efforts.


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  4 Responses to “How to Use Google Analytics to Track Social Media Traffic”

  1. Great work! What is your strategy for deciding when to employ the URL builder vs just shortening links? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for a really helpfull video.
    I just tried the last thing with tracking a specific facebook post but i am not able to see it under campaign. Can it take some time before I am able to see the new campaign?

  3. Very very helpful!

  4. How do you track the url builder results in analytics?

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