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How to setup Instagram ads for beginners. Beginners guide to setting up Instagram video ads. http://yincmarketing.com/captivating-instagram-campaign/

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Instagram is a completely new advertising channel with Huge potential. We first identify your target audience and limit the ads to your local area. We only want your ad to be see by people that can come into your office. (sample ad below)

Unlike other forms of print advertising, we stay away from the blasting method. We only want to pay for interaction and clicks. For now…Instagram and Facebook are cheap. We are seeing qualified traffic for 1/10th of the cost of other traffic sources. Plan on .75 cents per website click. The ad below will show you a live campaign. In 2 days this Orthodontist has received 11 clicks and a bunch of likes. As more advertisers jump on board the costs will go up. Act Now!

We will monitor you traffic and keep you updated on the performance. If your product or service is created for the human race, we will be able to find your target audience and show them your ads. You will get qualified visitors to your site. There are 300 million users on Instagram. We are able to narrow that audience down to match your perfect client. Test it and find out!

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  11 Responses to “How To Setup Instagram Ads For Beginners – Simple Instagram Guide”

  1. I am so confused why it's on Facebook if it's meant to be for Instagram. Social media is still confusing to my ass ?????

  2. you should start with how to set up a facebook ads manager. your video is outdated. would be great to have an updated version

  3. For some reason when I create the ad the option to remove Facebook doesnt show up, i just want it to be for instagram, please advise

  4. Please i would like to know if video ads are better than image ads. Thank you.

  5. Q ? Is the video going to post on your Instagram page with the other things you have upload it there ?

  6. how i will pay on facebook for an add on instagram

  7. hi what about billing they accept paypal or not

  8. how much money it will take if I want to ads full 7 days

  9. HI,

    I have set an ad and apparently it is running. I placed a budget of $5 but nothing seems to be happening? No likes, views or anything happening in insights and I don't even know how this is supposed to be promoting my small business when I see a hundred other ads popping up in my feed getting lots of attention and mine doesn't get a single look (especially when it says estimated about 1000 people should see it). What am I doing wrong? How can I get my ad to actually be seen by people?

  10. Thanks ??

  11. 2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway http://storage.googleapis.com/7218974775075/2780218042051.html

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