How To Get ONE MILLION Instagram Followers In UNDER A Year – THE TRAFFIC FOR FREE
Oct 262017

Find out exactly how to get over a million Instagram followers. Krishan, the owner of NoteForSelf (1.4 Million Followers) taught me multiple strategies including how to get free Instagram followers as well as a strategy that involves a minor investment.

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  18 Responses to “How To Get ONE MILLION Instagram Followers In UNDER A Year”

  1. I had a great time creating this video with you Richard! 🙂



  3. From where we can get the content to post? Like if i wanna start a luxury page or quote page

  4. What should you do when you get shadowbanned?

  5. hi so i got to 1000followers but im a bit stuck how do i go from there. I post about tennismotivation and im a saxophonist. @joshtwista

  6. Thank you very much!

  7. Will try these tips out thanks

  8. anyway i can merge the insta accounts where one like can be spread throughout all my account?? or Sharing followers from one account to the other??

  9. @leila.b.maske

  10. How many followers do you guys get the 1st day?

  11. Well guys. Let's face the truth here. Nobody famous on Instagram does this manually. All of them are using bots. Sorry for the truth 😉

  12. Pure gold

  13. [om-nuh-prez-uh nt]

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  15. follow jha_rj04 and get follow back in 1 minute gaureented

  16. This is the best instagram strategy video so far!!!!!
    People stop hating!!!!! For example i have online store and I really need a strategy to help me growing my instagram so i can support my business, so such a video is really, really important!!!!!

  17. We agree. Instagram is the best platform for business' today.

  18. This does not work anymore!! The instagram just changed its algorithm and you cannot follow more than 40 people every 15 minutes!
    Like so everyone can see this.

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