Nov 142017

How to Gain 100K Instagram Followers in 48 Hours

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We wanted to do this test to show you how you can gain 100k Instagram followers in 48 hours

Step 1: Choose a Niche
Step 2: Make an account and find content
Step 3: Make a sick edit
Step 4: Drive traffic
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  11 Responses to “How to Gain 100K Instagram Followers in 48 Hours”

  1. For those wondering, I have done a little bit of research, and growing your account like that would take you around 50k dollars.

  2. Great video. I have considered starting a side business on instagram, but I'm kind of new in this world of social media. How much money would I have to invest if I wanted to do the same as you and without having other accounts as leverage? Honest answer please

  3. Can u plzz help me … contact me instagram @iam_maalik

  4. First fallow me on Instagram Hey Arnel AKA take my content for your next experiment , lol Second this must have cost you $$$$ Here is a challenge for you do this on a TRAVEL Instagram like a Nature account THAT is what i would like to see. funny videos who really cares about that.

  5. my mind = BLOWN!!!

  6. how much did you pay for advertisement and which platform did you use to create the add, also how do you download the videos from other people's profile?

  7. How do you upload your own videos to your Instagram from pc if you are a content creator? Is there a professional way to do so, besides "tube2gram" ect, as the quality is poor and makes my content look cheap! Any help would be great, thanks!

  8. First of all: great video! But there is one question probably everybody wonders about: Even though you didn't pay to get reposted as you had other resources, how much would you need to spend to get similar results? Unfortunately this information wasn't provided, even though it's probably the most important! Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. how much would this cost if I had to pay for influencer ads

  10. I have multiple businesses in ecommerce and we pay such large sites between 600 to 4000 dollar per post. So thats not really intelligent to do this only to get 100k followers. Besides that you have to promote products or other things to at least break even and than it has to be got. So yeah of course that method works but as i sad not for the average guy that wants more followers quickly.

  11. How much did this cost to post on all those large pages?

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