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Generating Free Web Traffic With New Content Types

For many marketers generating free web traffic is a challenge. This involves creating search engine optimized web pages and working out a complete strategy so that those web pages rank well in search engines; bringing free traffic 24/7. But if you apply a little creativity, like using some new content types in addition to text-based content, this can work out miracles in your online business.

Let’s have a look at some of these new content types one by one.

Generating Free Web Traffic With Audio

Audio in the form of mp3 format is gaining a lot of attention. Many marketers record free teleseminars for their visitors and distribute it over the internet for free exposure. The teleseminars can be in the form of an interview with an expert in a certain niche or even an audible format of an eBook. Normally in the end the marketer will announce the name of the web address to look for more information. Those who are interested will type-in the web address to visit the website.

Generating Free Web Traffic Using Photos

Actually this is not a new content type but has gained a lot of importance after major search engines such as Google.com included the “image search” feature in their original search features. Also huge online image collection community websites allow anyone to upload their own quality content in the form of sketches, photos, images for free exposure to thousands to view. One of the most popular community website for sharing photos online is Flickr.com

Generating Free Web Traffic With Videos

After the emergence of broadband internet technologies many can now access high-resolution videos from the comfort of their homes. this has given rise to community websites where you can share professional or even home-made videos. Some major players in this field are Google Videos and Youtube.com. If your video is creative and unique it has a capacity to generate millions of view in a matter of days. One of the major reasons for this is that people browsing the internet are busy and viewing a video is much more easier than reading a text article or a blog entry.

Creative use of these new content types, due to their viral property, is definitely a proven new way to introduce your online business to even millions of prospects in a matter of seconds. Don’t be surprised to see your content taking the internet by a storm once you integrate or implement one of these content types. That’s how effective their usage can be.

How SI.com Got the Big LeBron Scoop And How Its Traffic Soared – Wall Street Journal (blog)

How To Buy Web Traffic | Boatloads of Immediate Traffic and Leads ...How SI.com Got the Big LeBron Scoop And How Its Traffic SoaredWall Street Journal (blog)Time Inc.’s Sports Illustrated landed the biggest sports scoop of the year Friday, when basketball star LeBron James revealed on the magazine’s web site that he is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. What’s more, SI.com managed to keep the big news …and more »

Verizon: Buffering Problems Are Netflix’s Fault (TIME)

The latest salvo in an ongoing PR battle between the streaming company and the ISPs.
Free Photo: Bridge, Human, Profile, Silhouette - Free Image on Pixabay - 10817

Sunnyside World Series DJ Mixlab Tucson, Az Sports ESPN …

Sunnyside Little League World Series Softball Champs 2013 Tucson, Az Sports, SportsCenter, ESPN, Fox Sports, Videos Remixed by DVJ Mixlab DJ Andres Andy Lopez going viral
Kgun9, Jennifer Waddell, Erin Christiansen, Valerie Cavazos, Viral Video, Coach Rene Ayala of Sunnyside Little League in Tucson, Az., knows what it feels like to be a Little League champion as a player.
Now, his daughter Jazmine knows the feeling too.
Sunnyside became the first team from Arizona to win the Little League Softball World Series, rolling to a win over previously unbeaten McLean, Va., 9-0, at Alpenrose Dairy.
Jazmine Ayala allowed just two hits in pitching a complete-game shutout. She threw two perfect innings in a 10-0 win over Maunabo, Puerto Rico, in the semifinals.
After losing its first game of pool play to Canada, Arizona rattled off five straight wins to take the title.
“We showed a lot of heart out here,” Jazmine Ayala said. “I knew we could do it if we just stayed together as a team and got some momentum.”
Rene Ayala was a member of a Tucson team that won the Little League Junior League baseball World Series in 1992.
“We beat teams from Puerto Rico and the Southeast in that tournament too, so it’s only appropriate we got to do the same thing here,” he said.
In Wednesday’s final, Arizona took a 3-0 lead through three innings despite just one hit. In the fourth, the Sunnyside bats exploded. After 12 batters and six hits, Arizona had pushed across six more runs to turn the game into a rout.
Meanwhile, a defense that yielded 11 errors in a game earlier in the tournament suddenly became impenetrable, making several difficult plays to preserve the shutout.
“It took a while in the tournament to really get our bats going, but we really did the last two games,” manager Manny Tapia said. “Tonight I told the girls to just go out and play like it was any other game, and do what they do best.”
Tapia also gushed at the reception his team got from the organizers and fans at the World Series.
“The crew does such a great job here, they made us feel like we were at home,” he said.
The World Series came to a tough end for McLean, which had won its first five games at the tournament. The Virginia team played the entire series without key pitcher Gabi Norton, who had to stay home because she was ill.
Manager Gerry Megas was on hand as a fan when McLean won the 2005 World Series at Alpenrose, and had been looking forward to a return trip ever since.
Even a loss in the title game couldn’t knock him down for long.
“I’m so proud of these kids, it’s been amazing,” Megas said.
“We love it here so much,” he added. “We have a great sense of community where we’re from, so it’s great to come here and see a true community event.”
Asia-Pacific 6, Oregon District 4 0: Iloilo, Philippines, downed Tualatin City in the seventh-place game behind a dominant performance from pitcher Royeve Langga Palma, who struck out 11 batters and allowed just one hit. Five different players for Philippines (2-3) had two hits each.
Tualatin City (2-3) finished tied for second in its five-team pool, but lost a three-way tiebreaker to end up in the seventh-place game. Noelle Sawyer had the only hit for Tualatin City, and pitchers Elizabeth Hillier and Lily Marshall combined to allow just two earned runs.
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