Mar 282018
Twitter Marketing Tips : Storytelling Techniques for your brand

There are so many ways to use Twitter that I’m surprised that more brands are not thinking for out of the box ideas to engage with your audience. You can also find some modern marketing tips at

So today I’m just going to show you some great Twitter marketing tips than can enhance how your brand is telling stories on this platform.

The main things you should remember are:
– Try Poll tweets
– Use Moments for longer discussions and events
– Set up Twitter Cards for your site
– Add stickers to images and emoji to your tweets
– Create Lists for highly engaging accounts
– Use TweetDeck to interact with other accounts
– Check your analytics


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Nov 122017

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Search Engine Marketing Tips – How To Get Free Website Traffic

This tutorial will give a few search engine marketing tips on how to get free website traffic.

I highly suggest learning search engine optimization techniques if you want to get many visitors to your website and make money on the internet, no matter what business you do online.

Learning on page and off page SEO is one of the things my internet marketing training company teaches.

You may want to visit my YouTube channel here for more SEO tips and internet marketing training:

By John Jarvis
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Oct 112017

Seo: The Seven Tips to Succeed in Google

Do You Want to Learn How to Master SEO? Get this Book and Follow My Step by Step Explanations! SEO: The Seven Tips to Succeed in Google When it comes to ensuring that as many people can see the content provided on your website while jumping through the minimum number of hoops required to do so, there is nothing more important than search engine optimization. If you are looking for tips on how to get your SEO up to snuff, then SEO: The Seven Tips to Succeed in Google is the book you have been waiting for. Having a firm grasp on the specifics of SEO and how to put it to work for you is a critical part of finding success in the digital world. As such, inside you will find everything you need to choose the best keywords to define your content and drive traffic to your site and ways to optimize your site to make it easier for visitors to use and also for search engines to index. You will also learn how to utilize your social media presence to improve your general SEO as well as your all-important local SEO. No matter what the purpose of your website is, without the proper visibility on Google search results, no one will ever see it. You and your content deserve better, learn how to get seen today! Inside you will find Why key phrases are the natural evolution of keywords and how to put them to work for you The secret to creating the type of content that visitors want to read The best free external tools to make your SEO experience as pain free as possible And more. ENJOY

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Oct 112017

Internet Marketing Tips-4-Clicks-Social Selling & Online Influence-Small Business, Ecommerce & Startups: Digital Marketing Strategy-Social Media Tips-

How do you attract people to your offers and get them to buy in? With inbound marketing that touches a nerve and speaks to your audience – social media, SEO, blogging, email outreach, newsletters, syndication, PPC and advertising. Simply put, get them to click on your content marketing. Become familiar with all the different ways that you can leverage the internet for social selling and eCommerce, and you become a marketer with significant influence. “Internet Marketing: Tips-4-Clicks” focuses on using the internet as the cornerstone of your marketing strategy, outlines best practices for promotion via social networks and your website, and specifies how to measure and analyze results. YOU will LEARN: what MISTAKES to avoid with your social media marketing strategy – do’s and don’ts how to boost audience INTERACTION based on research data and psychological behavior how to optimize social media POSTS to amplify organic reach how the top social media NETWORKS compare and which one to choose how to optimize social and SEO factors to rank higher on SEARCH results (SERP) how to boost TRAFFIC to your website & convert LEADS to customers how to optimize your WEBSITE and BLOG for the best user experience what content types work best and how to CRAFT visual CONTENT (for free & on a shoe string) how to distribute and PROMOTE your content – with inbound and outbound marketing practices INTERNET MARKETING: TIPS-4-CLICKS > Social Selling & Online Influence is the BEST all-in-one HOW-TO Guide on: Marketing Strategy Social Media Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Networks & SEO Digital Advertising Web Site Traffic & Links Followers & Communication Conversion Marketing Organic Reach Analytics FOR the TOP social media NETWORKS: Facebook Google+ Instagram LinkedIn. Pinterest Twitter YouTube BONUS OFFER – Free enhanced version with informative graphics from the author

Price: $ 9.86
Sold by USA, LLC

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Sep 282017

Want to do better Instagram marketing? Check out this video where I dive into 5 advanced tips for doing betting marketing on Instagram. Some of these tips are a little advanced, but all these tips can help you grow your instagram account quickly.

I’ve used these tactics to grow from 0 instagram followers to just over 35,000 in only 1 year. I hope they can help you be awesome at Instagram marketing.

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Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus builds businesses with heart. Follow his journey.

Find Kubby here:

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Jul 162017

Here are my Digital Marketing tips on growing your instagram account organically.
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Brand Deals, Influencer Marketing, & Growth
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Jul 112017

Comments are now disabled for the video as I was getting too many spam comments
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? My name is Mary and I created this channel to share with you my journey on how I overcame years of struggling with anxiety and an array of eating disorders through a vegan lifestyle and nourished myself back to health – physically, mentally and spiritually. Here I hope to inspire, motivate and help people in any way I can so that you may all become the best versions of yourself.

?Nikki Rotunda
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Jul 092017

Most online actions happen on the website of a company. Therefore big traffic goals are essential as it translates into multiple customer actions on the website, be it buying, downloading, subscribing or even making a simple enquiry. Having said that, it is quite a challenge to break away from the information clutter on the net and connect with target groups of the business. Building traffic is one thing, but traffic that matters to your business takes a multi-channelled effort.

These 10 tips and tools can help you generate targeted traffic to your website. Although not quick fixes, they have the potential to generate results faster than you
would expect.

1. Keep the House in Order: On Page Activities:
Make sure that you get the basics of a good website covered. These aspects of SEO include keyword planning, site speed and responsiveness, sitemap updates and solving canonical issues. Google Webmaster tools can help you tremendously at this stage. Incorporate relevant, unique and engaging keywords that both cohesively describe your value proposition and encourage users to visit your website. Curated keyword density, prominence and proximity are essential for search engines to identify your website as relevant to users’ searches. Long-tail keywords incorporated into important posts on your website are an added bonus. Remember to tag the images you consider important to your website and your customers.

2. Launch a Campaign: Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
An arm of off-page activities, investment in SEM is one of the most effective tools to generate targeted website traffic. Ensure you have a highly optimized landing page to support sponsored ads through Google Adwords, Display Advertising and the Yahoo-Bing network to support your website goals. This works especially well if your business works on the e-commerce model.

3. Customers are Social and so should you be:
Build a comprehensive ecosystem for your website using popular social media tools – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the likes. Users of these networks evaluate the social profile of the business to see if they meet their specific requirements. Regularly update your social profiles to reflect current offerings, trends in your industry and innovations using a mix of content forms. Social media advertising is also a great way to gain visibility with your target audience.

4. Do Social Bookmarking:
This is a useful component of off-page activities. Social bookmarking simply refers to submitting your websites and blogsites to social bookmarking sites so that relevant backlinks are created. This enables better SEO ranking for your site and increased visibility to the target audience. Popular social bookmarking sites include
Digg, StumbleUpon, Blokube, Reddit and

5. Try Guest Blogging and Commenting:
Bloggers are always in need of help to build their content. So help them out. Besides driving traffic to your website, guest blogging and commenting are tools that can create a platform to exchange shared ideas while creating inbound links to your site. Post original, relevant and quality content on high quality websites and blogs that others find useful. Build credibility for your business by growing in a community or network of quality contributors in your business domain.

6. Build Backlinks:
When your website and webpages are linked on quality third party websites, the backlinks so created work tremendously to boost your website rankings, which effectively translates to greater website traffic. However search engines have become very good at identifying spam backlinks and you may risk getting penalized for this shady practice. So build carefully and stay away from link farms.

7. Write Relevant Content:
The whole point of building website traffic is to keep the users engaged on pieces of content that are displayed on the site; such content would then initiate a call-to action. So keep the content relevant, engaging and unique. Such content has the potential to be shared by users, which in turn brings additional traffic. It also helps build repeat users to the site.

8. Use a Mix of Content Types:
Play around with different formats of content. Gone are the days when a standard format of website content was considered proper and acceptable. Depending on your target audience, adapt a certain degree of versatility in terms of content length and format. Develop and incorporate a good mix of short and long posts, headlines, data – driven content, video content, image and infographic forms.

9. Post on Professional Forums:
LinkedIn, the most popular professional networking forum is a great platform to gain visibility for your website. Contribute valuable information and content on niche
specific LinkedIn groups periodically. Alternatively, you can also respond to relevant queries on forums such as Quora and Yahoo Answers.

10. Launch a Newsletter:
Don’t let your website visitors go away just like that. Request them to subscribe to your regular newsletters. Newsletters which talk about industry trends (and not just your business) have a good demand as users like aggregated content. If you can provide that, people would like to subscribe to it and you can generate traffic from the clicks from these newsletters. If bandwidth permits, you can roll out customized newsletters to suit the needs of different target groups.

MailChimp and can provide an affordable start to your email marketing programs.Building traffic is a constant exercise. Monitor your traffic and make tweaks through free analytics tools such as Google Analytics, as these tools provide measurable metrics for your site’s performance.

I am an early adopter and an expert in Digital Business Analysis. Experienced in Marketing and skilled in Business Development, my blogs help resolve the issues easily while providing valuable knowledge to one and all in this industry.

Content Marketing Agency

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Jul 082017

Some of the social media network sites out there are a powerful traffic generation tool but you may not have been using it. With over 100,000 members on specific niches, you can tap into that huge traffic source and channel it to your website raking in cash and building your mailing list faster.

To get traffic using this medium, you ought to be creative in whatever you do on social media sites. Regularly the members on this site do not want hard selling or else they will not reply to your offers. You have to do it secretly with a goal. The right way would be to giveaway gifts like free electronic books, free desktop software and free membership sites so that you can get the members on your list.

Later, you can follow-up with the goal of developing a relationship with them in order that you can sell your products and affiliate products in a straightforward demeanour. When you account for this eventuality, you have now transferred the social networking to that of building a good relationship with them through your auto responder. The members might or may not particularly understand what you are up to but since you are supplying them with topical information and free stuffs, they may repetitively flood to your web site.

Another way to gain their trust and eventually attract a handful of them to your website is to refer them to helpful resources online. You can check out the most questions that are asked, find answers to it, setup a blog about that topic and provide them with the right answers.

People have an inclination to believe somebody that will answer their questions and add a cubit to their understanding about a thing. When you become that person, getting them unto your net site would become quite straightforward. There are numerous sites out there but the best I would suggest is twitter and facebook. Both will help you drive the carefully targeted traffic you would like on your internet site when you follow the above tips.

That’s all there is to it, getting traffic from social media sites using simple strategies that any person can implement and get results.

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Jul 042017

10 Website Optimization Tips And Techniques 2016

10 website optimization tips and techniques for 2016 that increase sales and traffic. –

Let’s Connect!
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In this video, you will learn 10 effective website optimization tips and tricks that will help your site get a lot more traffic and more importantly, sales. It’s not just about SEO. You also have to optimize for sales. You need to declutter your site, give visitors fewer options, focus on one call to action per page, make your blog easier to read, make your offer more targeted, etc. Enjoy the video!
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Jun 152017

Best seo tips

The world wide web is a highly competitive market. Companies vie for the attention of billions of internet users in the search for better revenue. A lynch pin to the internet marketing war is the search engine.

Search engines are internet venues where billions of people congregate to search for information. The most prominent search engine giants are Google and Yahoo. The kind of traffic these dot-com companies receive per hour is phenomenal.

So naturally, companies would gravitate towards placing their links and sites in an attempt to garner more visits to their web sites.

In order to maximize ranking and placement, companies have used tools such as search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization is the method or process of improving a web site’s ranking in a search engine listing.

Legitimate search engine optimization practices focus on the improvement of a page’s ranking in the search engine list by improving site content, usability and using legitimate methos of promotion through web phenomena such as viral marketing.

Search engines all use complex algorithms in keeping their relevancy in the web and to keep illegal and abusive search engine optimization methods from prospering. However, “black hat” SEO users will always be around so it is expected that search engine giant such as Google and Yahoo will continue to make more complex algorithms to filter the garbage out.

Search engines display different kinds of listings on a result page. The more common ones are pay-per-click (PPC), adverts, paid inclusion, and organic listings. Of all these listings, SEO concerns itself foremost with organic listings for a variety of keywords. This can increase the quality and quantity or visitors to a desired web site.

Organic searches are searches conducted by web users in a search engine that is free from solicitations. A study from Jupiter Media stated that 5 out of 6 commercial online purchases came from organic searches versus paid online ads.

This has made SEO much more in demand in creating revenue for companies as SEO is not a paid ad but a method of intrinsically improving content.

Here are a few tips on improving content for a much more improved result in organic searches:

1. Expertise. Follow your strengths. Sites you set up must be on subject you consider yourself an expert on. People can smell an amateur a mile away.

2. Plan the site. A good layout for the site can improve usability. This in turn will not unnecessarily aggravate the browser.

3. Research. Check out the competition and see what they have set up. See what works and what does not. If possible try to communicate with users in forums and get feedback on what should or can be improved further.

4. Decide on important keywords. Decide on the most important keywords to use for your sight. Include these keywords in the metatags, copy page, page title, and file names.

5. The Search Engine is your friend. Make friends with your search engine and don’t give it a hard time. Being nice and friendly to it will make its job easier to serve your site up to your target audience.

6. Focus. Focus on the topic at hand and nothing else. The rule is one topic per page.

7. Join the directories. Directories are repositories of knowledge done by human hands while search engine are huge databases collected by mostly machine methods. The relevancy of your page when joining the right directory may shoot through the roof. Of course, make sure you know what you are talking about.

8. Start a linking campaign. A most effective SEO method. This is a must to do. Ask your allies, strategic partners, friends and acquaintances to place your site’s URL link on their sites. With a short description this can draw traffic from other sites and increase exposure. Google especially ranks the importance of its sites by the number of sites linked to it.

9. Repetition is the key to victory. Keep repeating the above tips, supporting and increasing what works and killing what does not as fast as possible until the desired result is achieved.

In the world of search engine optimization, content matters a lot. If a site has amateur or worse falsified information, fewer and fewer browsers will want to visit it. They will even spread bad news faster than good news so expect a garbage site to be ignored even in a week’s time.

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