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Want to do better Instagram marketing? Check out this video where I dive into 5 advanced tips for doing betting marketing on Instagram. Some of these tips are a little advanced, but all these tips can help you grow your instagram account quickly.

I’ve used these tactics to grow from 0 instagram followers to just over 35,000 in only 1 year. I hope they can help you be awesome at Instagram marketing.

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Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus builds businesses with heart. Follow his journey.

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Instagram Hidden Tricks & Secrets | Must Watch! | No Root Needed!

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(?.?(?_?)?.?) ? Social ?(?.?(?_?)?.?)

? Second Channel

? Instagram

? Twitter!/howtomen

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? Website

?( ^?^ c) ? FAQ ??(`?´)?

? What phone do you own?

? I own the Nexus 6 by T-Mobile running a custom rom called Euphoria with Android 5.1 R3?

? What’s your launcher?

? Nova Launcher ?

? Editing Software?

?Sony Vegas Pro 13 ?

? What camera do you use?

?Nikon D5300?

? What is root?

?Look it up?

? How do I root my phone?

? Look it up ?

? How do you make the icon on your homescreen so big?

? With an application called Giganticon?
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Aug 312017

#RedRIpple Presents How to get GEO targeted Niche Related Unlimited Instagram traffic.

1. Create an Instagram Account.

2. Upload your Profile Picture.

3. Edit Your Bio with Relevant sentence.

4. Upload atleast 20 Picture relates with your Niche.

5. Use Niche related Tags when Upload the pic. You can find niche related picture in Instagram.

6. Follow your niche related people . Suppose your niche is Education and you wants USA traffic so go to the search option of Instagram and write down different university or college name of USA then you will find a huge amount of people just follow them . Make at-least 5000 followers in 10 days.

7. After 10 days later edit your bio and put your affiliate link ( please sort the link through

8. Now upload minimum 4 picture everyday with a time interval. In the caption section please use # hashtag of different college or university name .. Remember the more your put #hashtag the more you get Instagram traffic.

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Aug 222017

In this video I go over all the key aspects of marketing and driving traffic on Instagram.

For the social media management program that I use, go here.

To get started with email marketing and build your list, go here.

For Tips Tricks & strategies on network marketing & affiliate marketing, check out this playlist

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Aug 212017

Free eBook:

On this video I talk about how I’m growing my list with Instagram.
Instagram traffic is CRAZY HOT.

Get on board because here is where is at.

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Jul 312017

Check out my video on how to get more likes on instagram:

In this video I will be showing you how to make money on instagram.

The 2 things I will talk about:

1) How to engage with your target audience on Instagram so they will follow back and engage with you.

2) How to make your Instagram Photos go Viral by hitting the instagram explore page.

In this video you will learn how to make money on instagram using 7 different methods that are quite effective but not easy. You have to put in the work to do that otherwise it will be pretty hard.

This is acually not How to make money on instagram and build your brand — chalene johnson interview but it is way better trust me!

Instagram Marketing is once of the best ways to drive tarffic to your website these days. A lot influencers are doing it with influencer marketing.

How to make money on instagram – ,000+ per month. Is it possible? I do think so! When it comes down to making money online it takes a lot of research and patience. Always keep that in mind.

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Jul 212017

How To Get More Instagram Followers FAST

This is a video on my personal tips on getting more exposure on Instagram!

SNAPCHAT: jessicakobeissi
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Jul 162017

Here are my Digital Marketing tips on growing your instagram account organically.
Interested in Growth? Use code KRE8NOW10 for 10% off:


Interested in Growing & Monetizing?
Email me @
Brand Deals, Influencer Marketing, & Growth
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Jul 142017

As we enter into 2017, here are some Instagram Tips to gain followers fast! I met Facebook & Instagram a few weeks ago and these are the exclusive best practices to grow your following. I combined their advice with some of my own personal tips on how to get more followers on Instagram. Leave a LIKE & SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this video!
Comment any questions you have and I will answer them.

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70-300 BIG ZOOM:



Comment what other videos you would like to see from me!

How To

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Jul 112017

Comments are now disabled for the video as I was getting too many spam comments
(blog posts, vegan themed apparel and loads more)
? SUPPORT ME AT:… and see what perks I have to offer 🙂
? MY INSTAGRAM: @MantrasAndMangos
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? MY TUMBLR (for all questions):
? MY SNAPCHAT: mantrasandmango (no ‘S’ on the end)

? My name is Mary and I created this channel to share with you my journey on how I overcame years of struggling with anxiety and an array of eating disorders through a vegan lifestyle and nourished myself back to health – physically, mentally and spiritually. Here I hope to inspire, motivate and help people in any way I can so that you may all become the best versions of yourself.

?Nikki Rotunda
?Jane Gold
?Bowen Thomas

?Canon G7X
?Canon 750D
?Final Cut Pro X


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Jul 102017

Photo sharing on Internet has been given a major social upgrade, and Instagram is the perfect media for photo sharing, video uploading and to share your creativity to the world with just a single click. Being a huge popular platform of multiple features, it has around more than millions of user and followers of it. As this networking site provides you with the best applications of images filtering to transform its look and provide numerous designs, this will help you to attract more visitors to your pictures. Just post those filtered images to your profile and share them to your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Get You A Recognized Spot

Learning the strategy for your website will really help you to get Instagram Likes and more Instagram Followers, which can quickly improve your customer base thus improving your online presence. All you have to do is just click the best picture of your product and apply effects if required with a related description. Then just post this new improved picture to be launched in the market. This will make that image and the name of your site to reach easily in the minds of people.

Creating a Good Client Base

If you have more number of clients to your site, this will simultaneously make the traffic more and in turn will make the chances of getting you an active social presence. Also the increased number of new visitors will provide you with a chance to find more clients on your site. They will trust your site and this make them follow your website. This gradually increases your online business as well as your online presence.

Gaining the Trust

Human psychology and their behavior depend on the way other people think. As we all know that Instagram is just like a gift with an easy working methodology. You can create an eye catching page by applying its several applications on the images to make them very attractive. This will attract more customers and once they find your trustworthiness, you will get an ample of customers.
There are numerous ways to get a recognized and a trusted spot. Though some of the methods are very time-consuming, you can also look for other methods which can provide you with the desired results with small time fragments, usually a day or two. One is to buy instagram followers to your Website. This will generate real and genuine followers to your Instagram.

Hi.. I am Stephanie Bolam and I am from USA. As I am interested in online marketing. I am running my business services over it. So To increase the number of likes on your instagram business, you can buy instagram likes
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Jul 092017

How to promote clickbank products for free with Instagram


Go here –

Open your Clickfunnels account here –

Open your Leadpages account here –

Hey guys it’s Paolo here and in this video, I talk about how you can promote your Clickbank affiliate links for free using Instagram.

Instagram is a mobile app social media platform where people share their inspirational quotes, travel and lifestyle, etc.

Only a few people use this strategy and I hope that you find this useful.


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MY SNAPCHAT ? paoloberinguel

Related topics discussed:

how to promote clickbank products for free
how to promote clickbank products for free with instagram
how to promote clickbank on instagram

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how to promote clickbank products without a website with free traffic –

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all the best and God bless

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Jul 062017

Which is the best site to buy real Instagram likes?

SmmTraffic – Social Media Marketing Traffic.

Introducing Some Best Hacks To Build Instagram Followers Fast :
Before Moving Ahead We Will First Discuss About What Are Instagram Likes? As We Have Discussed In Our Previous Blogs What Is Instagram We Hope You All Are Aware Of Instagram Now. Since, We Are Already Aware Of Instagram, Now We Will Talk About IG likes.

What Are Instagram Likes?

Instagram likes are also considered as post likes, which helps us to know how many approx user’s on instagram are interested in our posts. When we post on instagram people start liking our post by click on a sign of a heart under your post. Number of likes will decide how popular you are on instagram. We .might have seen so many time’s viral videos and viral pictures that is considered under the number of likes you got on your instagram posts.

? How To Get Real Instagram Likes For Your Instagram Posts?

Getting real ig likes is not a rocket science. There are some easiest of methods available to achieve high percentage of likes on instagram posts. If you are aware of “how to use hashtags?” you can generate maximum number of likes on your posts. You can even target those hashtags according to your choice. The only thing you need to consider while doing this step, make sure your post is unique and creative. Because if you want people to like your stuff you need to post something unique which can attract instagram user’s and which can attract your instagram followers as well.

? Which Is The Best Website To Buy Instagram Likes?

The other way to achieve fast and quick real instagram likes is to buy ig likes from websites like smmtraffic. Smmtraffic helps you to gain some real ig likes at lightning speed. We provide instant delivery of instagram likes within 24 hours. Our website is #1 website to buy instagram likes from. It is safe and secure, 100% trusted from over 11000+ clients. This is the easy way to achieve instagram likes in a very short time. Celebrities and modeling agencies are currently using these shortcuts to get viral on instagram. So why not you guys can try this come let’s join hands with us and we will promote your instagram posts on top.

? What Are The Benefits Of Buying Instagram Likes?

As we discussed the use of hashtags above. The easiest method to climb on top of the hashtags is to claim more and more likes. If we take an example of a hashtag “#beauty” this hashtag already had billions of post on it. To get on top of all the posts, to be featured in top 9 posts of #beauty you need to buy instagram likes for your posts. If you get maximum number of likes on your posts, you will get on top of that hashtag and people will start following you automatically. Even google will capture your posts on their search engines, i.e whenever someone search a hashtag beauty on search engine your post will appear on google search as well.

For more details please feel free to visit at :- buy active instagram followers, best website to buy instagram followers & buy real active instagram followers

For more details please feel free to visit at :- buy active instagram followers, best website to buy instagram followers
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Jun 232017

The internet is a virtual bridge that you can use smartly to advertise your products and services and get maximum exposure. Online presence on leading social networking sites like Instagram can really help you find valuable leads for your business. It will allow your business to compete with others, connect with millions of real Instagram followers to maximize the contacts. Importantly using Instgram is absolutely free and easy.

You might think that getting followers on Instagram is an arduous task but actually its not. You can easily get bundles of followers and likes instantly by opting for Instagram likes buy. In a matter of seconds, your business will get the exposure that you are looking for on Instagram. Once you are famous on the Instagram platform, your business will boom and your website will be buzzing with traffics.

Real Instagram followers:

Well, why would you buy genuine followers and likes when you can easily accomplish the task by simply following users, geotag images, use hashtags, uploading interesting pictures and using other methods? The simple answer is to save time. By using traditional methods, you require lots of time to manage your account and tons of effort just to get the popularity you need to advertise your brand. Buying real Instagram likes and followers is the perfect alternative to those traditional and slow methods.

It will save you lots of time and allow you to concentrate on your main work rather than worrying about how to get popular on Instagram. All you need is to find a reputed vendor that offers affordable real likes and followers to buzz your business with traffics and leads. The small investment you will make today will give you huge benefits in the future.

Where to buy Instagram followers?

There are numerous online vendors who sale real Instagram likes and followers to businesses and individuals. You can search a reputed online portal to buy genuine followers and likes at affordable prices. Not all the online portals are genuine hence it is vital to find a genuine portal to make a profitable deal. It is an imperative idea to explore customer reviews of a vendor before placing a deal.


Online presence on social media such as Instagram and leading social networking sites will help you get the traffic you need to advertise your brand and services. Advertise your brand in front of real Instagram followers to become more and more popular. It’s the simple step you can take to compete and succeed in the business world!

At It’s the simple step you can take to compete and succeed in the business world! Please check our services..
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Jun 192017

By using Instagram followers and when we buy Instagram likes, a business can create a simple, quick and cost effective marketing strategy using social networking services. These followers and likes are the foundation of the web traffic which will be drawn to your website.

Although traditional methods of marketing still are effective in drawing a business target audience to is products. This type of marketing can be extremely expensive and can become a very lengthy endeavor.
Being a strong presence on the internet has huge advantage for any business.

One Instagram follower can improve website traffic phenomenally, especially if that follower has a large SNS friend base and buy Instagram like feature and use it on a website. All the friends of that follower will be notified that there is something of interest that the follower has seen, and as people are curious by nature, those friends will in turn go to the website or image which the original follower has liked.

Using interesting pictures instead of stock photos shows your target audience that your business is in tune to the needs of your present and future customers. Make use of hash tags while tagging each picture so that your product receives hits on not only product/services names but hash tags too. Twitter is an excellent mode of transport for hash tagged pictures.

Social media marketing is a way of gaining trust in brands as the Instagram followers all come from people a user knows or share common interests with. Customer reviews and Testimonials are also good social media marketing, and combining them with followers and likes will drive web traffic through websites quicker than printed or radio media advertising.

Brand development requires a wide spectrum of input from customers and potential customers, so when you buy Instagram likes and Instagram followers and use it, it will help to aid this development.

When you create an account on you not only have access to purchasing the different package sizes of Instagram followers and to buy Instagram likes at reasonably affordable prices, you also become part of a larger community of Instagram users.

The community of Instagram users is a great place to look at other products and services and see how they are being marketed. This will give you valuable insight on how to effectively market your own products, services and websites. Not only will you be able to see first-hand the effects of using these services, you will get recognition from the members of the Instagram community threw their following and liking your services. At this point you have thousands of members of the Instagram community taking notice of new users and you as a new member will be able to take notice of all the members on the Instagram community.

With so many marketing options available to new products, services and websites, business can get overwhelmed as to how to effectively get their products market recognition and sales. By using Instagram followers and after you buy Instagram likes; a business gets a kick start to their marketing platform.

Find more information relating to buy instagram likes, and instagram followers here.
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Jun 112017

How To Get Your First 10,000 Real Instagram Followers - 11 Free Ways

How to get your first 10,000 real Instagram followers using 11 free ways. –

Let’s Connect!
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Google+ –

In this video, you will learn how to get your first 10,000 real Instagram followers using 11 free strategies. These methods will not only get you more new followers but also more comments, likes and even website traffic. I’ll show you the best strategies, the data that backs it up and where to go to get started. Enjoy the video!
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