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UPDATE: Instagress is no longer available. but here is another site that offers a similar service:

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In this video, we go over a Shopify Instagram marketing strategy that you can set up to generate you autopilot traffic to your store in 2016. This instagram marketing tutorial will show you exactly how to set up all of the software, and how to optimally utilize them to get targeted followers, and eventually send them over to your store. For more on modern effective marketing, visit

Instagram is one of the most untapped sources of online marketing, and this instagram marketing training will show you the secrets of how to set up and automated system that can help generate you some extra sales.

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  15 Responses to “Shopify Instagram Marketing Strategy 2018 – Autopilot Traffic To Your Store”

  1. instagress are closed

  2. Instagress was shut down , what other apps could one use?

  3. Thank you for the video. It helped a lot. I have an account with 40,000 followers and 3,000-4,000 average likes in the college niche. I am completing a shopify to sell apparel we have been designing. What could we expect on sales from the instagram channel on a monthly basis?

  4. Can you guys revise this video? Instagress is no longer.

  5. can you do this all on your phone?

  6. what specific content should i post if I have general store?

  7. UPDATE: Instagress is no longer available, however this site offers a similar service

  8. Hey i am running shopify for the past week and i have already spent 50 dollars in facebook ads with 0 sales. i chose my audience with research and all still i don't get any sales so what should i start with?

  9. Great Video! Very helpful

  10. Sorry but your better of with a copy of massplanner

  11. Holly crap ! Mass planner was No1 automation software. It's down , same as , fanharvest.. I guess the next one on the list is FL ( follow-liker)there's current war on bots running!!!

  12. I need help with my store , can we partner up

  13. hey great video, thanks! 1 question. If you alternate between Instagram and onlypult to make sure 2 things are not accessing you acct. at once would that mean that they track the time length of:

    1. personal access
    2. onlypult
    3. instagress

    wouldn't that conflict since you doing 6-8 hrs of likes and comments+ personal+ instagress?

  14. Awesome video thanks!!

  15. great video man

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