Aug 182017

Top 10 Free Website Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketers

Here are my top 10 free website traffic sources I used for all of my affiliate campaigns in 2016 (I currently use 8 out of 10). I also reveal 2 new traffic sources that I am going to be working on more this year. These traffic sources are great for beginning affiliate marketers because they work mostly in every niche, and you won’t have to risk money paying for traffic!


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  1. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

  2. you rock dude!!!

  3. Thx!

  4. Great tips thanks!!

  5. I'm a little confused. In affiliate marketing there is a traffic source that directs customers to some website containing affiliate links, which I imagined is the actual affiliate website, which leads to the actual sale of goods. Is the blog the same as the affiliate website?

  6. If my niche is guitar lessons, how would i go about getting people to my squeeze page?

  7. Thanks for your help.

  8. Regaring creating social media pages to link back to our site..Do i need to create an account for every website niche i create or can i use my own personal one and just post links as im quoting a valuable content i randomly found on the web :D?

  9. Oldie but Goodie-by the way congrats on 73 K subscribers

  10. does it stil works?

  11. I'm trying out for my one page mini sites. With every domain you register with them, you get a one page site and a blog, haven't tried their blog out yet. Anyway, I wonder if can replace weebly for the same effect? The nice thing is no DNS foolishness or sub domains to deal with. I haven't figured out how to have multiple menu items though, to simply take you to different sections of the one page. You get a home button and that's it, and your already "home" so it's useless out of the box…

  12. 07.07.2017: pintrest and tumblr are dead 😡

  13. HI Dan,

    can you do a video about mobile display advertising and getting Traffic from DSP's?

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  15. Love It !! Thank You !!

  16. If people would just take the time to listen to you, you are a blessing on youtube…I'm just know going over your The $100/Day Deadbeat INFO right now…

  17. If Reddit is for promoting yourself, how is possible to spam?

  18. You are not a deadbeat at all 0;-)

  19. Raw veganism/ bitcoins/fitness Follow on IG: fruitdealer305

    Thanks dead beat

  20. Ok I must admit this is actually some good information. Proud to watch your video and potentially share with others. Keep the good stuff coming!

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