Nov 122017

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Search Engine Marketing Tips – How To Get Free Website Traffic

This tutorial will give a few search engine marketing tips on how to get free website traffic.

I highly suggest learning search engine optimization techniques if you want to get many visitors to your website and make money on the internet, no matter what business you do online.

Learning on page and off page SEO is one of the things my internet marketing training company teaches.

You may want to visit my YouTube channel here for more SEO tips and internet marketing training:

By John Jarvis
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  3 Responses to “Search Engine Marketing Tips – Free Website Traffic From Slideshare”

  1. It's OK if you do that Dan.

    Just change your tags and your description a little bit and you will be OK in the eyes of the search engines.

    Besides that, it is OK if we use "OUR OWN" content in more than one place as long as we don't overdo it. Just stay away from content that has been purchased from others that has been "spun" a million times.

    Also you may want to consider grabbing your Google authorship.

  2. Great video! if I create a powerpoint, convert it to pdf and uploaded the same content to docstoc, slideshare, hubpages, squidoo, would that be condsidered duplicate content and bad for ranking, since I'm uploading the exact same content to different sites, or is it ok?

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