Sep 062017

This is some of the best traffic you will ever get and cost you absolutely nothing. I have known about IBOToolBox for years, in fact since 2012, that is when I joined it..But I did nothing with it, because at the time, did not think much of it…Wow…Super BAD choice on my part.

Now fast forward to today and this IBO Tool Box platform gets around 250,000 unique visitors a day..Yes everyday!

Here are the current stats for IBOtoolbox according to Alexa:

Global Rank: 17,026 US Rank: 22,497

IBOsocial Global Rank: 32,226 US Rank: 33,101

IBO’s average total daily traffic is well over 300,000 and has 103,870 active members! They finished the month of July with over 9 million visitors…

What does this mean for you? Well tons of the best free targeted organic traffic at your finger tips! Every activity done on this platform gets spidered and indexed by the search engines.

At IBOtoolbox there are no black hat SEO tricks or secrets to get traffic to come to you. Traffic comes to IBO based on the content that you have written in your press releases, wall entries, post and comments. It really is that simple – no rocket science involved!

In the video I show you the inside of your members area and some of the basics for getting IBO Toolbox set up properly, and how to use it.

Havn’t joined IBO Tool Box yet, you can join me here:

Richard weberg


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  6 Responses to “How To Use IBOToolBox to get Free Targeted traffic from Search Engines”

  1. Thank you Richard.

  2. Thank you for this great Video explaining so well a Platform I didn`t know before. Looks very promising. This Video was taken 17 Month ago. Hope this is still working in the same great way today!

  3. Thank you so much for making this simple Richard. I have been a member for some time and have neglected to utilize the system as I should. Thanks for the encouragement to get back to being active with IBO Toolbox.

  4. Hi Richard, Great video buddy, lots of value given.

  5. Thanks for your video and I hope it isn't late for me to jump on board in 2016….
    I couldn't believe that such a program existed and I was almost getting flustered each time I have to post on Facebook!

  6. Thank you for this post. It was the encouragement to return to IBOTB

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