Apr 162018

In today’s episode of Social Media Wednesday, Sarah Giometti of Provaro Marketing and I will be discussing how to use Instagram to drive traffic to your website.

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Ryan Perry founded SBS in 2009 to help small business owners increase sales through Google search.




On Instagram, there’s really only one place you can put your URL and that’s in your bio. There’s no clickable links in the posts themselves. In the description of the post you can put a link there, but it’s not clickable. The only clickable link on Instagram is in your bio. So the number one thing we recommend to drive website traffic is making sure your link is in your bio, and you can change this too. So if you’re doing a special promotion and you have a specific landing page that you’re trying to promote, you can change that link to go directly to the landing page and drive people directly to where you want them to versus just your home page. So unlike some of the other social media sites where you just kinda leave your URL to be your home page kind of indefinitely, this is one where you can really use it in a dynamic and creative manner.

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  1. I find influencer marketing to be a very effective tool for digital marketing in driving traffic, and so far i've done this quite effectively with phlanx as my platform

  2. Great tips I will be using google adwords :-)?

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