Sep 162017

Here’s how you get website traffic from Twitter for just bucks, all in a way that doesn’t require you to have any followers or put any effort into building up your twitter account. This is great for both Clickbank affiliate marketing and selling your own products!

In the past, I severely underestimated the strength of twitter and twitter traffic.

If you send the traffic to a squeeze page, you can get some serious leads when done correctly.

In this tutorial video, I show you how to leverage both fiverr and twitter to get some good traffic sent straight to your squeeze pages.

This is a good way to earn affiliate commissions straight from twitter, without having to spend time building a following!
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  17 Responses to “How to Get Website Traffic From Twitter Without Followers”

  1. great stuff Dan

  2. I made a sale with twitter after 2 weeks

  3. The fake money on the table… come on man. wtf

  4. What is a "squeeze page?" I've heard the term before but am clueless as to where to start or what to do?

  5. These Fiverr accounts get so overly saturated that this seems like quite a redundant method. Most of these account holders use Fiverr to buy their followers in the first place so they're usually fake accounts or inactive accounts etc. Would love to hear from people who have had a good experience with doing this thou recently.

  6. Hi Dan, thanks for your great video. Do you already have the conversion rate for this short project?

  7. What is fastest way to get followers fast ?

  8. Hello. Outstanding information! I am interested in executing every detail, but I don't know where to get something free to give away. Do you have any advice or suggestions?

  9. Use this advice with caution because the person you are paying to promote you on twitter could have a ton of bot followers. And I didn't see him check to see if the page was niche related at all

  10. hey, i have a question. You said in a previous video to recycle the same 60 tweets and cycle them on twitter. What program allows me to do that? i use twuffer, but not sure it lets me do that. thanks.

  11. you are a genius, thank you

  12. what about instagram?

  13. MOAR! please ..

  14. Hi, I'm new to the channel. Love it! Do you have any tips on getting more follwers on Google Plus? I can't find a thing that is current! Its so frustratiing

  15. do you send people directly to the link or do you send them to your website and then send them to amazon?

  16. thanks good work… keep it up

  17. Good points. Thanks.

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