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If you have a Facebook group, awesome! If not, no worries you can still leverage them.

If you have your own group, anytime someone asks a question, feel free to share a link from your site that answers their question.

This not only drives traffic, but it helps you build a connection with your visitors. Which means they will be more likely to convert into customers.

Now you only want to link back to your site when the content benefits people within the group. if it doesn’t then don’t share the link.

If you don’t have a Facebook group, why not join groups within your niche. Searches for keywords on Facebook and you’ll see groups within your industry.

When people have questions, answer them. Help them out. And if you have content related to their question, feel free and link out to your site (assuming it answers their question).

This is a long term strategy and is more about relationship building than just driving traffic back to your site. Keep in mind this only works if you are joining relevant groups.
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  1. i have a page with many fans and build up new group. how can i invite those page fans to see my group and become also members. get attracted

  2. what are the best ways to make money when create a page or group? some sell the page or group , do u know why? how to do it i wwant to read about it more. or some charge for posts u pay to make a post. are these methods good?do they work well?

  3. how to invite all my page likers to be member in my new group?

    i want to sell medical equipments by facebook. is it better to sell different items by page or by group?

    If I have several groups how to invite all members from one group to be members in my other groups?

    How to make sale items in a group?

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  8. I earned my very first real dollar online using facebook groups. (y)

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  11. Just created my first Facebook group for fitness! Thanks, Neil! 🙂

  12. Thank you Neil! I just created one right now.

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  14. Knew about it, Thanks… Can you please make a post or video on how to optimize and increase advertising revenue preferably Google Adsense

  15. Neil Patel simply the best person i know on the internet ?. Great publication!

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