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Promoting a website can be very challenging when you do not have enough funds to effectively and efficiently tackle the promotion. If you are faced with this problem, like the majority of online marketers, never give up on the idea of setting up a successful online business or website. There are solutions to this problem. All you need to do is turn to free promotion methods. There are many free online generating traffic methods that you can use in the beginning. Doing it the right way will help you generate lot of free website traffic to whatever online business you are trying to build.
What you must first understand is that you don’t pay someone or a service to drive traffic to your website; you don’t have enough resources to afford this method. Do you? You will instead work hard to create it! There is, of course, a lot of work involved when promoting your business with free website traffic generation methods as opposed to buying P.P.C. (pay-per-clicks) ads when you have enough money; where little or no work is required on your part. Here, we already know you cannot afford paying huge amounts of money like big companies do to send traffic to their business. You are left with only one solution. Work hard on you own to generate free website traffic to your business.

Right from the very beginning, good planning of your website setup will play a big difference. Big companies don’t plan much to setup their websites. They have a product that they know people are going to like; they create pages for the product and pay astronomic amounts of money for advertising services to market it. That’s it! Can you or will you do the same? Of course not. Try it! You will soon run out of funds and you will be swallowed by the competition. You need a game plan to stand out. This is usually decided during your planning process of making money online with your website. If you designed a website without planning the process, you’ll have more problems than just getting web traffic to your site. The designing process is very important, especially if your website is going to need free website traffic from the search engines. Your website must be optimized for success, using proper keywords, titles, and links. This is referred to as search engine optimization or SEO. This will be very important because if it is done correctly, your website will rank high in the search engines rewarding you massive amounts of free website traffic.

Now, that you have an optimized website, you’ll be ready to generate additional free website traffic to your online business. Let’s begin with free traffic generating methods. There are a few methods that can be utilized with this technique. They are:

  • Blogging

Article marketing is the method you need to use to generate free website traffic by submitting articles to article directories. This technique is powerful for two reasons.

  1. Your article will have a link attached giving you free web traffic when the reader clicks on your link.
  2. These links on the internet originating from the articles you submitted to article directories can help with your website’s ranking in the search engines. The more of those incoming links you have the better your website will get ranked, in addition to the free website traffic search engines send to your web based business.

Video marketing is a method of creating videos for advertising your website. You must have a link attached to this video to make this strategy work. The better the videos you create, the more web traffic for you will receive. This method is like article marketing; however, you are using videos to deliver the same message. Many website promoters write an article and then make a video on the same article, doubling your work and getting twice as many leads on the same topic.

Viral marketing is another great technique used to generate free web traffic. Viral marketing is usually in the form of free e-books, written and given away to not only deliver a message but to generate free website traffic through links and banners within the e-book. If someone is giving you a free e-book, you can rest assure it’s to promote their web business or a product. Articles and videos can also be viral. You should use any viral method you can to promote you website.

Social media marketing has become huge over the last couple of years. This technique is used to draw in customers on a friendly concept, but the sole purpose of this marketing is to grab additional leads for your web business or website. You have to be careful with this technique because a lot of social networks do not allow you to advertise your business on these networks. If you can be creative and careful, you will be able to grab many leads using this method.

Blogging and forum marketing is another great way of getting your website recognized. If you can write on blogs daily, you can get a lot of free traffic. This technique can be time consuming but if you want free traffic to your business, you must put in the work to generate it!

Free classified ads is another way of getting your website noticed. This technique requires creativity. You can not advertise your website free of charge. You have to promote a product or service linking to your website that makes this technique free. If you can be creative, this technique can work well, but like social media sites, you must find a way to hide your URLs or you could get banned.

These methods are the same methods that I have been using to promote my websites for years. You must first start with an optimized website, and the additional web traffic will follow. Search engine optimization is the most important free website traffic that returns powerful results.

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