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Like in forums, online communities also known as message boards, Yahoo Answers is a great place to go with the idea to help people with their issues. You go to provide answers to to a problem someone raised and haven’t got satisfaction yet. Obviously, you should look for niche specific questions related to your blog or business field. Your answers in this case are content of value, that will in return drive quality traffic to your blog. Whoever posted the question always check back for possible answers. Your strategy is that in the answer you are providing, you should include an intelligent and natural link pointing back to your blog post; where you actually address the problem in detail.

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If you are new to how Yahoo Answers work, don’t worry. It’s simple to use. Let’s say someone is facing a situation where a solution is needed; but unfortunately, he/she doesn’t have a clue what that solution could be. He/she also doesn’t want to waste time going around asking friends and other people; which will appear most of the time like bothering them or challenging them. Even, the worst will be that some of these friends and other people will take it like he/she is exposing his/her ignorance and can try to take advantage of it, in some ways. He/she will simply turn to online communities; and Yahoo Answers is popular. Raise his/her concern. Post the question. If the issue was already raised by someone else, he/she will see posted suggestions of answers. In case it is something new he/she will then have to wait for a while to witness suggestions of answers flooding in.

Realize that very often many people will have the same issue. Just imagine that your blog, in an efficient way, is addressing an issue you know many people are having everyday. Majority will use Yahoo Answers. This obviously means you have the chance to streamline and send these Yahoo answers users to your blog by just telling them their issue can be solved by XYZ method. You found the following article: (your Blog post link) that elaborates in depth and in detail on XYZ method. Naturally Yahoo Answers users will follow; because they are looking for a solution. There is no way to put the whole answer on Yahoo site. Otherwise you are losing enormously if you choose to do that.

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