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Jul 152014
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How Important Are These Web Traffic Rankings?

You may have heard experts say before that traffic is one of the most important things you have to work hard for if you want to make money online. This is mostly because without it, you won’t get the visitors who can be your potential clients and customers. Not having these prospects is a bad thing for your venture, so you really have to take the measures that can help you generate the amount of traffic you need.

But what are these web traffic rankings and why are they so important?

Web traffic rankings, in the simplest of sense, are the statistics specific companies and search engines formulate to determine which sites come first in the list of search results. You may know them as Google or Alexa page ranks. Normally, your site can be ranked from 1 to 10 or 1 to 5. The higher your ranking is, the better chances you have in showing up in the first page of the search results.
Why is it so important that you get high rankings? It’s simple. People today have arguably short attention spans. So, if your site doesn’t pop out the first page in their searches, there’s a big chance that your site won’t be found and visited. Of course, this isn’t a very good thing if you’re aiming for the big time, so you will have to take measures to improve your standing.
This is why you should take the appropriate steps to improve your web traffic rankings. Luckily, that can be done by making your web presence more felt by the public through a variety of ways. For one, you can get your site listed in different directories and social bookmarking websites. You can also gain a lot from leaving a link to your site in different blogs and forum communities that search engines index and crawl into.
Seriously, there are tons of ways you can help yourself and your site to get higher website traffic rankings. You just need to know the right techniques and tricks to succeed in this venture.

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