How To Increase Website Traffic

Jul 192014
Improve website traffic

Improve Website Traffic By 2 Simple Techniques Many People Miss

Are you struggling to find ways of how to improve website traffic to your blog, or social media platform? In this article we’ll examine two simple, but powerful ways to boost your website traffic; that most people ignore.

How to improve Website Traffic With Your Email Signature

How many emails do you send out per day? Ten? Twenty? Thirty? More? Are you maximizing on the effectiveness of your signature every time you send out one of those emails, as a way to boost website traffic?
I love networking. I have also been an event planner and group organizer for several years now. That means that on a daily basis I communicate with a lot of people via email. I have always included my closing, name, website url, phone number and email. I have also often included a 15 word signature sales line underneath, linking to my website, separated by asterisks.
But what I never included was an image. And few people do! Recently, one of the tutorials I took about traffic generation taught me about including a little informative image with your signature. People tend not to read text too much – they skim. However it is proven that online, people are very attracted to pictures, especially when embedded amongst a bunch of text. Their eyes go to the image and they check it out. And if it’s a well designed image, they often click it. Just imagine how many visitors you will send to your blog if the image is a linked to your blog.
Most email programs allow you to save a customized signature so that each time you send an email it is included at the bottom. Simply go into your “Options” and “Tools” and look for “signature”. Make sure you put you name, phone, email, etc. But then include your logo or have a professional little image designed to include. Make it catchy, inspire their curiosity. And then link it to your site. It is an extremely powerful way how to boost website traffic and you’ll be amazed with your results.

How to Boost Website Traffic Using Facebook As Your Fan page

If you don’t have a business Fan page on Facebook but want to know how to boost website traffic, the first thing I would say is get one right now. Go to Facebook and start a Fan page representing what you do. It might be a good idea to take a Facebook marketing course first. But a simple tip that most people who have a Fan page are missing, is to use Facebook as your page. Then you simply like 20-30 other fan pages within your niche, and get active on those pages. Post great stuff and comment on other postings. Don’t spam. People will see your page name (make it catchy and inspiring of curiosity) and click it. That will bring them to your page. If your Fan page is set up and is maintained properly, with lots of great content, people will also want to check out your website, which will be prominently displayed on your fan page in strategic marketing areas.
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How to Detect and Deal With Toxic Content (That Could Poison Your Entire Site) – Search Engine Watch

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How to increase web traffic ? | One Stop Article
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Improve website traffic; Social media Traffic

geralt / Pixabay

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Jul 182014
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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website For Your Small Business

You can’t hold up a sign saying “come to my website”. So as a small business owner you need to be strategic, clever, and smart in your methods in getting better qualified prospects to come to your website so that you can get more clients, leads and ultimately make more money. A wise man by the name of Bill Gates stated that in the year 2015, “If you don’t have any web presence for your small business, you will soon be out of business.” Yes it’s true so let’s start it off by getting a website designed to enhance your brand and attract the prospects and clients you want. Qualified prospects are searching the web for qualified business’s before they make a decision so it is crucial that you use these proven marketing strategies to attract the right traffic to your website.
As a small business owner you need a simple and easy to implement strategies to get qualified prospects to your website so that you get the results that you are looking for. Working with my clients, I have found it to be 5 major strategies that every small business owner can use to drive qualified prospects to their website.
A very clever and strategic way to start would be to get into Pay per click online advertising. You might be afraid of pay per click advertising but don’t be. Pay per click can get you up higher on the search engine faster; with the proper headline and copy people will see your ad through the clutter and with the right words you will easily attract the qualified prospects to your website.
Another sure way of driving qualified prospects to your business website is article writing. There are many places to upload your articles and put them on the web for little or no money at all. In those articles about your business and or product you can put links in there and qualified prospects are able to click the link bringing them straight to your website. This will build credibility for your small business and build a trust for your products and or service, and when a prospect trust you they will buy from you. Not to mention your business website will move up higher organically on the search engine.
One other way of getting qualified prospects to your business website is to create a Affiliate program. You partner your product and or service with another business owner’s product and or service that serve your ideal client, giving the customer more value. For example: Wouldn’t it be nice if you joined a gym and every time you went you got a coupon to the health food store down the street or online? (HINT) This is helping both business owners. The owner of the Gym and the owner of the health food store. By both business owners working together they are able to give the customer better value and a great purchase experience. So find yourself another small business owner that serves the same type of client you serve and start an affiliate program it is a win, win for both business owners.
Qualified prospects are watching TV on a daily basis. People are now using cell phones to watch TV or commercials, so it’s only right that Video marketing become a priority! Make a quick video with a portable flip cam showing the benefits and features of your products and or services upload it throughout the web and wait for the traffic, you will find qualified prospects visiting your business site frequently and you will find you deposits in your bank account on a consistent basis.
Since we are in the information age we need to use it to our advantage as small business owners. As a small business owner you can use social networking on the social sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter just to name a few to your advantage building relationships with qualified prospects. Get in involved with these social networks, leave a link (leading back to your business website) at the end of you statements and you will find qualified prospects visiting your business website daily.
Like that old saying where there’s a will there’s a way and by judging the things we have talked about I have showed you 5 ways to get qualified prospects to your business website, do you have the will?
If You Are A Small Business Women Or Man And Would Like To Know The #1 Secret To Building A Solid Client List visit:
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10 Best Practices to Drive Customers to Your Ecommerce Website
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Study: Top 5 Search Engines See Search Traffic Drop By As Much As 31% Since December 2013 (feeds.searchengineland)

A newly released report from Shareaholic claims the top five search engines — Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL — have all experienced a decline in search traffic since December of 2013. Using data from December 2013 through May 2014, Shareaholic evaluated aggregate organic search…

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
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Jul 162014
Social Media Traffic
Social Media Traffic; Social Networks

LoboStudioHamburg / Pixabay

Social Media Networks today provides the very best platform for people and enterprise projects to announce their web presence and expand their ventures. Creating just a personal website is not enough. Generating targeted traffic to that personal site is also crucial. Social web promotion can help in growing internet site visitors by identifying distinctive content that improves Google search rankings.

One of the ideal methods to express yourself and advertise what you you have to share with peoples is the use of You Tube. You Tube by itself has millions of visitors logging in almost every day. A You Tube channel is a fantastic avenue for reaching out to individuals. Social networks promotion enables people to obtain these You Tube comments in bulk. A lot more targeted traffic to someones You Tube channels and visitor comments increases the probabilities of improved search engine rankings and greater prominence.

Twitter and Facebook are the two social internet platforms that dominate the planet today. An internet presence on these two web sites is important in your promotional activities. Blogging on these twitter and Facebook platforms calls for increased number of followers and fans.

Higher number of Facebook fans and twitter followers gives a higher social net prominence and an enhanced access to people. These Facebook page fans and twitter followers can be bought at reasonable prices. Purchasing a Facebook web page fans and twitter followers is one of the distinctive strategies of social web promotion. Just a little increase in number of twitter followers can provide key improvement in terms of exposure of what  you have to share and access to crowds of potential fan base.

Facebook and twitter platforms also provide the very best possible way to business establishments; and an enhanced quantity of fans and followers on these platforms is now, more than ever, a necessity. These  remarkable social network platforms can also help in driving traffic to your private site and assist in expanding your business opportunities.

A personal website, advertising your services, is a vital portion of business expansion. Visitor targeted traffic to your personal websites will also be increased if you use social media promotion strategies. If your website have exclusive content, well optimized to get the best search rankings on Google, that can lead to a lot more guests.  . An improved search ranking always translates into better business opportunities and this can be a fantastic advantage.

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