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It seems that there are many people who tell us how successful they have been, doing business on the internet. The cold hard fact is there is many more that crash and burn losing money as their internet business fail. Are the successful business just lucky or there is more to it than that. Success comes from good business sense and a determination to succeed. This coupled with the ability to learn new skill and discover how to fail quickly, not flogging a dead horse, and moving on to the next project.Improve website traffic
To keep it simple Like Keaun Reeves’s character in the Matrix targeted traffic is “The One” without it your business and all, your efforts will result in nothing. All business, on or off-line, need customers, online traffic is the equivalent to the walk in shopper of the high street. It’s just that the World Wide Web high street is massive and very competitive. Like the off-line world you will get browsers who drop by just to look at what you are selling. The key is to get as many people through your door as you possibly can, who are interested in your products; because only a small percentage of your visitors will purchase from you. The more targeted the visitor the higher the percentage will spend their money through your website.
So how do you get the volume of visitors so you can make a decent living from your internet business? Large business like Amazon generate tens of thousands of visitors a day and only get 10% or less who purchase from them. Affiliate marketers’ work on a 1 or 2% sales percentage. Many of the big success stories are based on buying traffic. You do need to invest in a business to make it successful. Marketing your business is the key. The more people who know you are there, the more people visit your website. Yes you can generate traffic for free but if you are looking for the level of traffic you need to be the next internet success story, then you will have to pay for advertisement.

The Search Gold

The big search engines like Google and Yahoo have the vast majority of the searches online. This is because they offer a very good service for FREE to who ever wants to search online. In fact the phrase “Google it” has become part of common language when people are searching for information online. You can spend money and time optimising your website to appear on the first page of search results. This is expensive and often slow to give results. However you can use the paid advertising options to get your offer right in front of your selected audience almost immediately. While like all forms of advertising there is a calculated risk that your campaign will miss the mark; and you can lose money. If you get it right the rewards are massive and you can see a fantastic return on your investment.

Buying Website Traffic

The most common way of buying website traffic is to pay-per-click (PPC), this is where you are charged every time some one clicks thought to your offer. There are also pay per view schemes where you pay every time your advert is shown. In both cases it is very important that you target the right keywords to get a return on your investment. If done correctly the money you spend on your traffic will be money well spent, resulting in an impressive boost in traffic and sales. For a quick and effective way of promoting your online business buying website traffic is a highly effective marketing method.

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Google Inc. (GOOG) Losing Grip: Share of Website Traffic Shrunk To 31% – Dazeinfo

Google Inc. (GOOG) Losing Grip: Share of Website Traffic Shrunk To 31%DazeinfoAlthough, social media referral traffic is on exuberant rise still significant amount of marketers invest on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as internet users visiting via organic search are more prone to buy/engage with the website. Search giant …and more »

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Google Announces ‘Android Auto’ CarPlay Competitor (Macrumors)

At its Google I/O developer’s conference in San Francisco, Google today announced Android Auto, its answer to Apple’s CarPlay. Much like CarPlay, Android Auto is designed to bring the Android experience to a car’s in-dash infotainment system.

As described by Google, Android Auto is contextually aware and puts the apps that users need front and center on the car’s dashboard. Google stressed that Android Auto is “completely voice enabled,” relying on Google Now much the way CarPlay relies on Siri for voice commands. Google also noted that it’s able to offer a completely personalized experience that is mobile, working with any Android Auto compatible car as it is reliant on an Android phone.

Android Auto integrates deeply with Google Maps, providing drivers with access to all Google Maps features like local search, personalized suggestions, live traffic information, and turn-by-turn navigation.

On stage, Android Auto was demoed planning a trip to the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. Android Auto was first asked how late the museum was open, providing a response, before it was ordered to navigate to the location, where it offered turn-by-turn directions. It was also demoed composing and sending messages entirely via voice.

Like CarPlay, Android …

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