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3 Steps to Driving More Website Traffic By Repurposing Your Blog Content

Who says you have to consistently create new content to generate more traffic. Here are the steps you can follow to grow your traffic using your old content:

Step #1: Repost your old content on Facebook – Take your old content and consistently post it on Facebook. Share your old content multiple times a year and you’ll notice that your old content will drive more social traffic than your new content.

For my site, my old content drives over 60% of my Facebook traffic.

Step #2: Post on Twitter 10 times a day – signup for Buffer and schedule your old content to be published on Twitter daily.

When I was tweeting out once a day I was getting 1000 visitors a month. When I tweeted out 10 times a day I received over 4000 visitors a month from Twitter.

Step #3: Write articles on LinkedIn – take your old content, post the first few paragraphs on LinkedIn and have a “click to continue reading” link. In which the link drives people to your old content.

Before I used this strategy I was getting 2000 visitors a month from LinkedIn and now I get over 33,000 visitors.

Just follow the 3 steps above and your old content will generate more visitors.
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  1. Yes I have noticed I thing that you are continuing to repeat the same things on youtube too but in a different way overall you videos are so helpful I have watched 45 until now and going to all 236 I learn a lot of things from your videos ??keep it up Neil and as usual you always reply to my comment

  2. Hey Neil! Great vids, keep it on.

    Quick question though : isn't rewriting the article in LinkedIn going to create an external duplication issue?

  3. Sir which plugin/app/service do you use to share your posts on Facebook? Do you manually schedule each and every post?

  4. I love the LinkedIn Tip.. Thanks Buddy

  5. wow. it's really awesome video.

  6. Hi Neil, I am currently deciding between drive traffic by 1: Paying for adversing 2: Sticking with good old organic traffic, this is driving me crazy since i am new to youtube and dont know what to do, how should I aproach this?

  7. Awesome bro. I hope, you will deliver video on increasing Reddit karma on new account. Please,

  8. Keep going Neil. You've got the consistency down. If anything, I'd do more thumbnail split-testing. Look at TeachingMensFashions channel and model him. He's killin it

  9. Thank you

  10. Got Great Tip about Linkedin By you Neil! Thanks!

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